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About us

Buy cars from trusted suppliers

The American car and machinery market is the largest and most diverse in the world. The choice of a car and other vehicles offered by automobile auctions and dealer sites in the USA is really very extensive.

The question arises — “How to understand which car is worth buying and which is not? How to deliver the car to your home quickly and reliably?” The answer will always be the same — contact the professionals. MarcAuto company will help you to profitably buy and bring a car from America. Since 2018, we have been working in the market of equipment exports from the USA to the CIS countries and Europe, during this time we have developed a well-coordinated team, our own philosophy of the US car market. Over the years, more than 1000 units of cars have been successfully purchased and shipped for our customers.

The company is licensed in the USA,
a car dealer and has established itself as a reliable supplier of American equipment. We work without intermediaries and overpayments. We will find, buy and deliver exactly the car you have always dreamed of, as quickly and profitably as possible for you.

They order from us:

New and used used cars from auctions in the USA;
broken cars, cars with damage;
electric cars from the USA;
Retro cars, classic American cars from America.
Car auctions in the USA company | MarcAuto
We buy cars only from official, verified car dealership companies and at specialized dealer auctions (Manheim, Adesa, Copart, IAAI, NPA, Iron Planet, Barrett-Jackson Auction, Ride Safely, Mecum Auctions and others).
Our staff will select the most suitable option depending on your capabilities and wishes.
By setting the necessary parameters, you can easily find the cars you are interested in.
Didn’t find the right option? It doesn’t matter, nothing is impossible, we will find any technique if it exists in nature and is sold in the USA.
Look at the reviews of our customers who have already bought and received cars from the USA with our help and you will see that we are exactly the company you need to work with. Each review on the site is left by a real client and for each review we have a handwritten confirmation from the client, indicating the contact details and the car he bought. Upon your request, we will be happy to provide this information. Buy American cars only from trusted, licensed dealerships.

If you have any questions about buying cars from the USA, please leave your applications on our website through any feedback form. Write to the mail sales@marcautous.com , contact number of our main office in the USA +1 341 202 4977 

Our company is a member of the associations of car dealers of the state. And also a member of the Federal Association of Independent Dealers of the USA.