2019 Tesla Model X Long Range 325 Mile Driving Range Dual Motor AWD VIN: 5YJXCDE26KF203826 50,844 Miles “Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous drive mode will take control of the steering, brakes, and speed. It’s fun for a while to sit back and let the computer do the work, but it’s a lot more fun to drive the Model X. Whoever does Tesla’s chassis tuning is a genius. Like the Model S, the Model X fights below its weight. Its motions are nimble and secure. Body roll is kept to a minimum. HIGHS: Gasp-worthy acceleration; it's fun to watch it drive itself, but even more fun to drive it yourself. THE VERDICT: Tesla's third act combines the performance and efficiency of the first two with the practicality of an SUV and the doors of a DeLorean.” – Car and Driver magazine With comfortable seating for five, this Tesla is finished in Solid Black, with a Cream Premium interior with Oak Wood Décor. It is equipped with the tow package, 22 inch Onyx Black wheels, and the optional Autopilot. Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving mode uses several cameras, multiple sensors, and radars to detect objects, people, and other vehicles and uses them to steer the Model X down the road under its own power. This Model X also includes the Summon feature that allows the user to park or retrieve the SUV from tight spots while standing outside. See the videos in the Gallery for examples of both features. Its Full Self Driving feature is included, is currently a $15,000 option for new and existing Teslas, and is transferable to the new owner. With its powerful electric motors making maximum torque at 0 RPM, it will accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, making it one of the fastest SUVs money can buy. And then, there are its unique Falcon Wing rear doors, letting it stand out in the crowded world of SUVs, electric, or otherwise. Warranties are still in place. The Extended Service Agreement expires May 9, 2025 or 125,117 total miles, whichever comes first. The Battery Limited Warranty: Expires Oct 4, 2027 with unlimited total miles. The Drive Unit Limited Warranty: Expires Oct 4, 2027 with unlimited mileage. In addition to charging at home, Tesla has established the largest network of charging stations by far. As of April 2023, Tesla operates more than 45,000 Superchargers with more than 5,000 stations worldwide, an average of over 9 chargers per station. As of April 2023 there were 1,966 stations in North America, 2,069 in the Asia/Pacific region, and 985 in Europe. Supercharger stalls have a connector to supply electrical power at maximums of 72 kW, 150 kW or 250 kW, depending on the Supercharger generation. See the map and more by clicking here. This Tesla was serviced and inspected by the Tesla dealer in Jan. of 2023, at 48,246 miles. Records are included.